Crucible of Empires

Turn-based 4X Strategy Sci-Fi Game Mod-able
Explore, conquer, or make allegiances as you journey among foreign stars


Crucible of Empires is a sci-fi turn-based 4x strategy game where you play as one of eight unique character races vying for complete domination of the galaxy.

Explore the galaxy, uncover ancient civilizations, and learn the truth of your awakening in this exciting new turn-based strategy game. 

Expand to meet other newly awakened empires, claim new worlds, and stake your claim in the galaxy. 

Exploit neighbors with might or befriend them to form trade alliances and share your knowledge in peace.

In the end, will your empire thrive or be Exterminated? 

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Crucible of Empires will be available exclusively on Steam.

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Advanced Ship Customization

Crucible of Empires gives you enormous flexibility in ship design and customization, allowing you to design your ships from scratch or use tried and true templates. You can create designs for any purpose you wish – from scouting to colonization, transport, trade, or war.

Balance size, weight, power and computing requirements with cost and availability of technology to make the most efficient and powerful designs you can, then as your technology improves, refit and modernize them. You can even steal enemy designs through the spoils of combat or espionage to give your own ships new abilities or share your own designs with allies to help them.


Massive Space Battles

Organize your fleets and squadrons, set your formations and strategies, then throw your ships into battle and see how your choices affect the outcome. Cheer as you watch your massive fleet of hundreds of ships dominate your enemy, or analyze a defeat using full playback mode that allows you to focus and zoom into the battles, pause and rewind, and see exactly where your strategy failed.

You can also use your battle simulator to test your designs and strategies, allowing you to see the flaws before losing your ships in actual battle. You can even save and share your battles with others, allowing you to relive the glory of your most exciting battles at any time!



Crucible of Empires is more than just battles and strategy – each game has its own story and there are forces in play that you won’t learn about until later in the game. Uncover secrets about those other forces through exploration, learn of secret objectives, and decide how you will respond to choices that will be given to you when you least expect them. The galaxy is full of wonders and secrets and there is much to learn about each unique game that has nothing to do with other empires or military might.
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From the Nitrogen-based Deep who dwell in the cold depths of oceans under thick layers of ice in the cold outer star system and who use a living technology based entirely on organic life, to the inscrutable Moosh, peacefully floating in the upper layers of gas giants and contemplating how to hack and bind reality to their will, to the tribal Kra’hn who view space as merely a suggestion and can teleport just as easily as walk, each of the 8 default races have very different playstyles and abilities as well as their own rich lore and backstory. You can also choose to utilize the flexible race design system to create your own, mixing and matching abilities and limitations balanced with a point-based system to ensure all races start on an even footing.
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Refugees from yet another different universe, the Kra'hn have innate abilities over space and bend the weave of space at will, allowing them to teleport as easily as walking.
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Inscrutable and coldly logical, the Deep are aquatic nitrogen-based life who dwell under thick layers of ice in the depths of numbingly cold oceans.
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The R.O.B.O.S. are sentient AI robotic beings that have glimpsed something in the universe that made them believe that life can have a connection to something beyond their universe.
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The Nova are beings composed of plasma and pure energy who dwell on the surface of stars.
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Function over form is the primary tenet of the Ooze and their insight and instinctive control over matter allows them to change their shape at will to practically any form they can imagine.
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Giant jellyfish-like beings who spend their lives floating peacefully in the atmospheres of gas giants, the Moosh are transplants to this universe with a complex understanding of reality.
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The silicon-based Studs view time differently and are incredibly long-lived. They revere nature and are natural preservationists, but if angered, can be powerful enemies.
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Having mastered their mental abilities and united themselves, Humans now turn those powers on others, giving them tremendous advantages in war, espionage, and diplomacy.



Crucible of Empires features originally composed music for each race as well handpicked licensed music for epic playlists as you grow your empire.